♪♫ ♫♫ // (& rest)

creating intentional space to b r e a t h e. For now this looks like Sunday afternoons, the RAV, a short practical list, and an outdoor dwelling through which to trek…

Parkville Nature Sanctuary (Parkville, MO) is beginner hiking friendly & provides 3 trails with distinct characteristics


trail; pathway

archway of trees


white tail trail

The trail* provided a much needed incline. The incline is gradual and is a blend of hillside and stairs made from rail ties. The path is narrow which is helpful for peeps like me that tend to veer unintentionally off the path. I will return to see what the space looks like as autumn progresses (so far it has been a very seamless transition from summer to autumn here)

Note: The White Tail Trail provides the most rigorous hike, yet I (a novice)  would rate it only  a slightly moderate difficulty.  The trails while accessible and family friendly are far from boring. I saw a family of deer on my trek, and heard lots of interesting woodsy sounds. There is a stream that runs along another trail, and still another trail (while short)  leads to a small waterfall.

*The top 2 photos are a different trail; all Parkville Nature Sanctuary

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